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About US

Phunk Phenomenon Dance Complex is a non-traditional dance studio. Our Mission is to reach out to today's youth through the art of urban dance. Hip-hop is not just a dance it is a culture containing 5 elements. Our goal is to educate our students on those 5 elements within each of our specialized classes. Urban dance styles have always been the heart of inner cities as a way of expression and a means of building self esteem. The Phunk Phenomenon instructors will provide each class with a truly positive experience through what we like to refer to as "EDUTAINMENT", meaning we not only teach choreography but we also teach the history behind each art form.

The Phunk Phenomenon targets its unique services to schools, sporting venues, charities, clubs corporations as well as  theatrical productions.

Clubs - Though the majority of its time is spent deriving works to toil the mind; there are also those instances when the Phunk Phenomenon must elicit responses of a more primal nature. Realizing that audiences will vary, performances are structured to be crowd pleasing, yet tasteful.

Sporting Events - On the lighter side of the spectrum the Phunk Phenomenon also utilizes its skill set to evoke nothing more than smiles and laughter. As society ever increasingly turns athletic competition into a booming leisure industry, the ultimate function in this arena is pure entertainment.

Charities - With roots planted deeply inside various communities, it is the desire of the Phunk Phenomenon to respond to those who were so generous in assisting us through the years. By striving to ally ourselves with unique and creative community programs, as well as exceptional individual events, it is the intent of this organization to begin repaying our debt to a society that has afforded us tremendous success.

Schools & Colleges - In difficult times with challenging issues, the Phunk Phenomenon empowers a broad segment of children entertainment, laden with positive messages. The messages are carefully targeted to be both age-appropriate and able to connect to a broad range of cultural nuances present in distinct audiences.

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